La Pass Month 11 Finished

Another month under my belt! Good thing, because I received the notice that Month 12 is about to ship.

La PassacagliaL Month 11 finished
La PassacagliaL Month 11 finished

This was a pretty easy month, though I did cut and re-cut fabric for some of the pieces a couple of times. I couldn’t decide what fabric to use to replace the Alice faces. I don’t want animal faces looking at me and I certainly don’t want Tula’s little sister as Alice looking at me for eternity!

Pink Door’s Sandra sent a new layout that shows all the rosettes we have made. I think Month 12 will use a lot of blue. Hooray!! I plan to add (substitute?) turquoise if there isn’t enough for me.


On a separate Life note. I know today is bad for women. Power has temporarily won. While we regroup:

Radiate Positivity
Radiate Positivity

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2 thoughts on “La Pass Month 11 Finished”

  1. I think the choice to not have faces is working out well. I didn’t know that Alice was Tula Pink’s sister, interesting. How exciting that the pieces are almost all stitched!

    1. Yes, Tula used one of her younger sisters as a model for Alice. I think the story is really sweet, but I still don’t want faces looking at me through eternity.

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