Sugar Skull Hackney

Yes, I am definitely on a Hackney kick.

Sugar Skull Hackney
Sugar Skull Hackney

This one is an International Women’s Day gift for Gerre.

This is the fourth one I have made and I plan to make a few more. I have made them all in the large size. I could make the smaller sizes; I just haven’t yet. For some reason I like making these as gifts.

Sugar Skull Hackney interior
Sugar Skull Hackney interior

I used the same lining fabric as I used for the Skeleton Hackney. It is a good lining fabric. I haven’t used it as a background as it is pretty dynamic and doesn’t fade into the background like other fabrics.

I did the pocket a little differently, too. I made a vinyl pocket using the Glitter vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippie. There was a little bit of a problem sewing the turning opening closed, but not much. Some of that could have been from forgetting to use a 3/8 inch seam allowance on the top.

Sugar Skull Hackney handle
Sugar Skull Hackney handle

I also added a handle to this one and remembered not to sew through the lining! It was much easier to put the whole thing together.

I put a few small gifts and a card inside. I hope she likes it.

I try to make sets of things using the same fabric, but I have very little of the Sugar Skull fabric left. I thought the dots coordinated well.

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2 thoughts on “Sugar Skull Hackney”

  1. I am loving your quilt that has the 9 patch and snow ball blocks , made with all the lovely bright colours .I have read through and I am unable to find the pattern for it , but would love to make it ???. Is there somewhere the pattern is available ?
    I’m not able to work out if the 9 patch should line to to the snow ball or fall in the middle . I’m a beginner quilter so everything is a bit confusing to me still .

    1. I think you mean the Octagon 9 Patch? Try looking through the posts at: I might have put some sizes in. It was a long time ago, but I used the leftover blocks from the Russian Rubix pattern. The Russian Rubix pattern is from Prairie Grass patterns. I just made 9 patches to fit the approximate size of the octagons when I decided to make the Octagon 9 patch. Sorry, there is no pattern.

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