Donation Blocks Galore

Pink Donation Block
Pink Donation Block

I am still having an inordinate amount of fun making these simple blocks. What is it about them?

I brought out the Accuquilt Go! cutter over the long weekend and cut a bunch of larger squares I had been saving into 2.5″ squares. All pink all the time. Yes, I am going to make a pink top for some wonderful child. I hope s/he likes pink, because none of my nieces or nephews do and I have a lot of pink.

As you can see, I did cut up some slightly larger squares to make 2.5″ plain background squares. I’ll have to see if that block fits in with the other blocks that have black on white fabrics.

The Charity Girls at BAMQG have put out a new block design. I know they want to keep people interested, but I am still interested in this block. They said they would keep taking these blocks, so I will keep making them. I am doing to keep these pink ones and put the top together myself.

Blue Donation Block
Blue Donation Block

I am still cutting 2.5″ squares when I do my normal “new fabric” cutting, so I have other colors besides pink as well. I will give these non-pink blocks in so someone else can work on them.

I found a few different blues, so I cut some squares out of them to work with.

One of the fun things about this project is putting the squares together in different ways. In the blue block, I probably should not have put the two solids in the same row. Fortunately, in the grand scheme, it probably won’t matter much. This blue blocks looks rather cheerful, I think.

Another Pink Donation Block
Another Pink Donation Block

I have a lot of the same fabrics for the pink blocks, because I cut up large enough pieces of fabric to make 9 2.5″ squares.

I did dig out some scraps that were large enough to make some 2.5″ squares out of. I was surprised since TFQ cannibalized my scrap bins quite efficiently. The few different fabrics will add interest and the similar fabrics will provide cohesion. That is what I am telling myself anyway. 😉

In the back of my mind I am planning to use all of the black on white fabric I bought for the Flower Snowball. It is a lot, because I will never learn just how little fabric a quilt really needs, especially if I use the fabric for one piece in the quilt. We’ll see if I actually use it all. I like the black and white as background. It prevents me from going to buy more background fabric.


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4 thoughts on “Donation Blocks Galore”

  1. How do you like the Accuquilt Go! ? Is it really worth it? Have you reviewd it somewhere?

    and the” shnibles” arrived and I have checked that awesome blue with my stash. I have nothing that matches 🙁 sorry.)

    1. I love the Accuquilt. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but plan to. I don’t plan to buy every die they offer, but the basics and I am so thrilled with the strips and other shapes I have been cutting. Glad you got the schnibbles and can’t wait to see the cat beds. Thanks for checking on the fabric.

  2. 🙂 I was trying very hard to limit myself to the pieces that were just big enough for the squares you needed for the project we were working on. If the piece in the scrap bin was large enough to cut other sizes out of it, I left it alone… Also, I think I ran out of time for cutting 2.5″ squares out of everything except the blue and the green bins!

    1. I appreciated all of that cutting you did. I finally figured out there must have been a method to the madness, especially after we decided some fabrics wouldn’t work. I appreciate you working the way you did.

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