Original Bullseye FOUND!

Original Bullseye
Original Bullseye

What once was lost is now found!

I climbed up the ladder into the fabric closet to pull down the Spiderweb blocks. I had hoped no ladder would be required, but no such luck. Here in Northern California everything is stored vertically. I was in the process of squishing my hand getting Spiderweb blocks out of a plastic tub when I saw my mixed media box. Idly, I wondered if anything was in it.

Yes, after lamenting and wailing for so long, I have finally found the Original Bullseye. It was in the mixed media box I made back in 2007. Really, nothing fabric should be in that box and I have no idea what possessed me to store this quilt top there. Desperation and lack of enough storage space (or too much crap), I suspect.

I was sure that the last time I wrote about this quilt was about a thousand years ago, but happily, it was only last winter.

Original Bullseye - detail
Original Bullseye – detail

The quilt is much smaller than I remembered, but, then, again, the quilts I have made lately are much bigger than what they should be.

Now that it is found, I can put a border on it and finish it. I see my eye wandering to the size and wonder if I should make more blocks to beef it up a bit.

Regardless, I can certainly finish this quilt now. Yay!

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9 thoughts on “Original Bullseye FOUND!”

  1. Cool! I think my blocks are somewhere in my studio… I haven’t done anything with them…inspiring to see yours. Maybe this is one that I will get busy on for the Equilter Sandy Rescue quilts.


  2. I’m so glad you found it! I’m amazed at how similar it is to the spiderweb quilt that you’re also doing. My bullseye is hanging up where I can see it right now, it makes me think of how fun it was to work on a project with you way back when…

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