Hexies Return

Flower Sugar Hexagon in progress
Flower Sugar Hexagon in progress

The last time I seemed to have written about this Flower Sugar Hexagon project was way back in 2011. I didn’t think that much time had flown by, but Pam has made two hexagons, so I guess it has.

My design walls have been empty for several weeks while I work on small projects; the 3D items not needing much design wall space. I also love piecing so much that I didn’t want to be tempted away from the small projects that have been on my list for awhile.

My mom came over for a visit with the Young Man after being on vacation and down with Grama for several weeks. When I arrived home from work she told me that she had raced upstairs to see what was on the design wall and was so disappointed to see NOTHING. She looked a little worried as well. I felt bad.

This hexie project has been on my mind and it occurred to me that I could put it up on the design wall and see what I saw.

The only other photos I have of this quilt is laying on the floor. Laying on the floor is different, for me, than hanging on the wall. I seem to be able to see so much more when pieces are vertical. It must be the perspective or the angle.

I found the piece and put it up on the portable design wall. Looking at it after not having seen it for awhile, I noticed some interesting things:

  1. My balance of different fabrics is pretty good.
  2. The piece is tiny. It is less than half the size of the Swoon. I have a lot of hexies to cut
  3. This piece does cheer up the room.

As I said in one of the previous posts,Adrianne of Little Bluebell, introduced me to the cutting technique I used for these hexies. You can find the cutting instructions on her blog.

I hope I won’t think too much about sewing more pieces together. I still need to work on small projects.

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Little Bluebell’s Cutting Instructions

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4 thoughts on “Hexies Return”

    1. Well, true, but I don’t want to have a shawl laying around. I am thinking I will need to get a vacation house to match all of these pink and orange and flowery quilts.

  1. I’m at a similar point with my hexies. I just can’t figure out what I want the finished project to look like or how it will be used.

    Right now it’s just entertainment in the car since I am doing mine by hand.

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