More Cat Beds

Autumn Cat Bed
Autumn Cat Bed

The BAMQG Meeting was yesterday. I turned in some cat beds to Amanda and was very happy I did. Amanda was having a bad week, so I was glad I made the effort.

These two cat beds were different, because they were both made of cotton rather than Polartec/Polarfleece. I like working with the Polartec/Polarfleece, but it is a little more difficult to work with than cotton. It was a relief to work with the cotton. I made the cotton cat beds pretty fast compared to the Polartec, but I still don’t mind working with the Polartec.

Cotton Cat Bed
Cotton Cat Bed

These were interesting fabrics with which to work. They are fabrics which remind me of fabrics that were very popular when I started making quilts.

I wasn’t the one who brought the most cat beds. Someone brought a whole shopping full of really cute cat beds. Someone had made about 30 and appliqued  (using blanket stitch) one adorable heart on each cat bed.

All of these cat beds made Amanda really happy. It was great to see her smiling again.

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    1. I get the kits from Amanda, a woman at the guild, and find that the cotton cat beds are easier to sew. I do like working with the Polartec, because she puts such fun fabrics together — fabrics I would never buy. I am really glad to be able to contribute, regardless of the fabric.

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