Finished: Wonky Nine Patch

Finished: Wonky 9 Patch
Finished: Wonky 9 Patch

The first thing I thought after I finished this quilt was to start counting the places in my life where I needed to make note. I stopped, because I got tired. Needless to say, the quilt is done, which means this one and the Disappearing Pinwheel can head off to nephew brothers at the same time and nobody will feel sad.

I showed it at CQFA, though the binding was only partially done.  I finished, later that day, at the BAMQG Sew Day, but will probably wait to send it off so I can show it off at the BAMQG meeting. Kathleen will be there, which will make the display extra sweet, because her quilt is the one that inspired this quilt.

One of the reasons I brought it to show at CQFA was because I thought I would send it off before the next meeting, which is in November. It turns out I won’t be able to attend that meeting anyway. They are good eggs and don’t mind if the quilt isn’t finished. Everyone liked the colors and I am thinking of making another one just because this one turned out so well visually. Realistically, though, I have done what I wanted with this design and don’t really need to make another one. The oranges are just so striking that I almost can’t help myself. I have a lot of other projects on my plate (in process) and in my dream list, none of which are a second version of this quilt.

Finished: Wonky 9 Patch (back)
Finished: Wonky 9 Patch (back)

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    1. The binding is scrappy. I used the fabric from the blocks. I never did that before, but it seems to work.

      The colors are opposites (compliments, as you know!) on the color wheel so they work very well. The blue is an awesome batik. I wish I had more of it.

  1. This 9 patch is a strong design. Making the saching the dominant part of the quilt gives it a lot of punch. The colors do most of the work. Ann Grundler

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