College Pillowcase Tally

Since I did the Christmas Pillowcase Tally the other day, I thought I had better keep myself honest by putting some notes down about the pillowcases I want to make the Young Man for college. I may need help, but we will see.

I want them to be punny, if possible

  • Theme: soft
  • Fabric: Minkee and flannel

I was tempted by a “School Daze” theme, but I don’t want to send him something that will embarrass him. I also want him to use the pillowcases. I decided to make him a really soft pillowcase so I bought some Minkee to try. I am about half done with it.

October – Done

  • Theme: Halloween
  • Fabric: skeleton fabric by Timeless Treasures


  • Theme: Thanksgiving
  • Fabric: timeless Treasures Golden Harvest

I was disappointed I couldn’t find a cornucopia fabric, but I did find another fabric that looks very Thanksgiving-y.


  • Theme: Christmas
  • Fabric: not purchased


  •  Theme: snow, winter?
  • Fabric: ?


  • Theme: ?
  • Fabric: ?


  • Theme: ?
  • Fabric: ?


  • Theme: Easter?
  • Fabric: ?


  • Theme: Cinco de Mayo?
  • Fabric: ?

I’d be tempted to make a pillowcase from Philip Jacobs fabric, but I don’t think that would be popular.

Food is always a good fill in theme for months where there is no apparent theme. I think I have some Pokemon and Star Trek fabric that can become pillowcases as well.


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2 thoughts on “College Pillowcase Tally”

  1. February – Super Bowl, Ground Hog Day, Carrot Cake Day, Boy Scout Day, Polar Bear Day, Umbrella month.

    March – Chocolate month, Music in schools month, Pi day, St. Patrick’s day, and my favorite, National Pig Day

    April – Frog month, Garden month, Guitar month, Earth Day (I think)

    May – I like the idea of Cinco di Mayo, but it’s also the month that the Golden Gate Bridge opened, and of course, Memorial Day

    I don’t think he would appreciate a Phillip Jacobs print pillowcase, no. I, on the other hand…

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