Last Batch of Christmas Pillowcases

I finished the last Christmas pillowcases. Hooray!!! I just sat down and did a bit of sewing one day. I had about an hour so I only finished a couple, then I finished the stragglers a few days later. Voila! I am done.

Dear Santa Pillowcase
Dear Santa Pillowcase
Dear Santa Pillowcase
Dear Santa Pillowcase

The two Dear Santa Pillowcases are some of my favorites. On the left will go to Raymond, the SO of my 3rd oldest nephew and the right will go to the actual nephew. I hope they don’t look too girly.

I really like the sense of humor that Cotton & Steel has with some of their designs. I also like the 50s look of the design. I am waiting for some Christmas designs that include the Shiny Brite ornaments I like so much.

Blue LIghts Pillowcase
Blue Lights Pillowcase

The blue lights pillowcase is similar to the white lights pillowcase I made the other day. This will go to one of the middle nephews (so many nephews!!!). I think the lights might be a little smaller, but I am pretty sure the fabric is from the same line as the white lights pillowcase.

I have more fabric and am tempted to make more pillowcases, but am going to hold off. I had some fun just doing some tests the other day and want to keep that feeling alive.

Now, guess what I am worrying about? Packing up and mailing all of these things out to the Niece-phews! Sheesh! I have over a month and can do it a little at a time.

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