Various & Sundry #2 – 2016

Patterns, Projects and Tutorials

Everyone needs a pincushion and wouldn’t a chicken pincushion make you smile? Check out her tutorials and small projects page for other interesting projects.

The Foldline has an article on using up fabric bits of under a metre (about a yard!). Many clothing patterns.

Meadow Mist is starting a blog series on writing patterns.

Want a BB8 quilt? There is a free pattern posted at the Hunter’s Design Studio site. I am not a fan of the part of the quilt that depicts Ray, but the overall design makes sense. I can’t tell you anything about the directions as I have not made the quilt or read the pattern. Let me know.

Louisa at SewMotion has some pointers to tutorials on inserting zippers into the backs of cushions. Knowing these tutorials are there, and after getting a lot of zipper practice making the Sew Together Bags, I may try insert a zipper closure on my next cushion or pillow cover.

Check out the Improv cactus patterns from Road HOme Quilting. I love the Saguaro!

Charlotte, of Scrapitude fame, has another mystery quilt up: Scrappy Stars Around the Corner. I missed the cutting instructions. She recently released the first sewing clue so I had better get busy if I intend to make this quilt. I haven’t decided, but I am saving the directions.

Other Artists

Jennifer Landau,a CQFA pal, has a spread of her work in Art Quilt studio magazine.

Mark Lipinski has a thank you for all the help and support he received during his illness. You can still Help him with medical bills and lost wages via a donation at the GoFundMe site set up by Meg Cox and Liza Prior Lucy. Over $25000 has been raised. Any amount helps. The goal is $75,000. Mark was in the hospital for over 2 months. He has recently returned home and wrote a post about his journey.

Exhibits and Events

Get ready for National Quilting Day. When I was poking around the Quilt Alliance website I found the following information: “National Quilting Day 2016 25th Anniversary Year! Celebrate the 25th Annual National Quilting Day … on March 19, 2016. The Quilt Alliance is proud to be the new coordinator of this special day! [They] are so proud to take over this tradition from the National Quilting Association and promise to continue providing fun and meaningful ideas for celebrating National Quilting Day, graphics you can use to publicize your own NQD events and a home base for this important day to honor and promote quilting! Click here to view” the NQD 2016 page.

EBHQ Show at Craneway Pavillion March 19-20.

Sherri Lynn Wood speaks at EBHQ on February 29.

From ResearchBuzz: “Lithuania is getting a new modern art museum in 2019, but in the meantime it’s getting an online museum. “[Viktoras] Butkus has collected about 4,000 works of art, mostly over the past six years. They include paintings by surrealist Mikalojus Povilas Vilutis, by Augustinas Savickas — vaguely reminiscent of Chagall — as well as sculptures by Ruta Jusionyte…. Painter Patricija Jurksaityte said the museum would offer a complete map of Lithuanian art unlike the country’s National Gallery, which often displays just a single work from any artist.” The museum’s Web site has an English version (look for the EN link in the upper right corner) so I poked around for a while, and now I really, really want a print of Gintaras Znamierowski’s Victory Boogie Woogie.” (Jan 24, 2016)

Websites, Blogs and Other Artists

Jill, an amazing artist who blogs at the Quilt Rat, now has a YouTube Channel. Jill has participated on and off in the Creative Prompt Project (still going strong!), but also does Scherenschnitte and Zentangle like quilt and embroidery designs.

This quote make feel greedy, but I still love it. See the original.

My Tuffet shows up in one of the posts on the new Scruffy Quilts blog!

Skills and Techniques

Patrick Lose has a video on binding a quilt, which is part of a 12 part series from QNM. This video shows only the  corners. He uses a slightly larger than quarter inch seam allowance – opposite of a scant quarter inch! The basis of the technique seems to be reducing bulk. I look forward to trying it out.


Need a new organizational system for your life? Take a look at the Bullet Journal. TFQ told me about it. I can’t/ don’t want to do it all, but I do like the index and the page numbering. Brilliant. With the turn of the New Year not very far behind me, I still think about my ‘traditions’ (superstitions?) for the turn of the year. The Yearly Migration blog post on the Bullet Journal blog was very interesting, in light of these thoughts.


I redid the spreadsheet Pam uses to track her fabric usage. TFQ helped me update it so that I track by project or instance and not by week. Regardless of how it tracks, I need to finish some projects, because I am way up on adding fabric and way down on using fabric. I can say that I am doing a lot of hunting and gathering, but I still need to finish up some projects.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

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    1. It was awesome that you had worked out the formulae so all I had to was tweak it a bit for Jaye. And I also tweaked it to use for my knitting. Thanks!

  1. Those zipper tutorials are great. After all the bags I sewed last year, I was pretty sure I knew what to do for pillows, and it was great to see I was on the

  2. Some really useful links here Jaye! I think Sandy the Crafty Planner talked about the bullet journal (or it might have been Tsoniki, I’m not sure) and I forgot to look at it. It is such a genius idea, thanks for the link!
    Also thanks for the Mark Lipinski go fundme link! I get his weekly email and read about his illness, so sad!
    I’m curious about your modification of the fabric tracking spreadsheet.
    I will also have to get started on Charlotte’s new mystery quilt, but decided to wait until the one I’m currently quilting is finished.

    1. I couldn’t manage the fabric spreadsheet by week. I need to do it by project, so my friend helped me reorganize that way.

      I am thinking I will do the new Scrapitude as well.

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