Creative Prompt #356: Entrance

N-Trance – British rock band

an act of entering, as into a place or upon new duties.

Disneyland Park Entrance

The goal of entrance counseling is to help you understand what it means to take out a federal student loan.

entrance mat

entrance fees

Definition: “the place of entering like a gate or door, or the permission to do so.” (Wikipedia)

Entrance may also refer to:

ENTRANCE is a subtle psychological thriller centered upon Suzy (Suziey Block), a young woman in Los Angeles who can’t get comfortable in her own skin.

Entrance (2012 movie) is about the limits of our perception, how the things lurking on the periphery of our lives can lead to horrific conclusions; about how she fell out of love

entrance exam

EnTranCe is the hotspot of applied sciences for businesses and innovations.

In Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic churches, an entrance is a procession during which the clergy enter into the sanctuary through the Holy Doors.

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