Various & Sundry 2016 #5


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Other Artists

I finally took a look at Melissa Averinos’ website. Her quilts are colorful, but have an element of sadness to them IMO. Her blog has a lot of OMG in it, but I think a lot of good has happened to her recently, so understandable.

Libs Elliott posted a great manifesto of sorts on Instagram. She posted it during the dark time on Instagram, so I am not sure how many people saw it. Take a look.

Exhibits & Events

The Monterey Peninsula Quilt Show is coming up on the weekend of April 9. Entry is only $5 according to their website!

Winners of the Lancaster AQS Show have been posted.

Piecemakers Legacies of Love Show will be held in Fremont July 16 & 17, 2016. Check the website as the date gets closer for more details.

Fabric, Tools & Supplies

I was directed to the Okan fabric shop. They have mostly indigos and other Japanese fabrics. After buying a lot of Japanese fabrics early in my career, I have sworn off them. The colors and clear designs are VERY hard to resist, though, and you should indulge. 😉

Yes, I have many of these low volume prints, but I will take the ones I don’t. Thanks.

Sew Mama Sew had an article recently called 12 Places to Donate Fabric. I was kind of disappointed, because it wasn’t a list of, say nonprofits, that actually take fabric; it was a list of places the might take fabric. We all know that many of the organizations that might take fabric are overwhelmed with generosity and usually don’t have the capacity to take it. Jenelle Monitlone wrote in a comment “Here’s a resource I pulled together which will allow you find Creative Reuse centers like SCRAP across the country and around the world” Jenelle’s list looks much more useful. Other suggestions include:

Take a look at the article as the ideas in the comments are more specific and useful.

Articles & Information

Frances has written a very good essay on why quilts matter. If you have listened to her podcast you know that the PBS series by the same title didn’t provide satisfaction in telling us why quilts matter. Frances picks up the slack in a well written and articulate piece.

I found an article about a mathematician who is also a quiltmaker. The article describes her method of ‘tube piecing’. The writer does not seem to have done any research into the current information, blogs, magazines about quiltmaking, because there is a tone of ‘awe and amazement at this little known artform’ (a description of my impression). I was also kind of surprised at the phrase “strip piecing, a technique developed by Ernest Haight in the 1960s and ’70s. ” I have never heard of Mr. Haight so I did a little digging and found an IQSCM exhibit featuring his work as well as a QNM article.

Frances has some thoughts on why the 16 billion dollar quiltmaking industry appears to be invisible.

Reminding you of a theme at QuiltCon, which was to learn what you can from classic quiltmakers, I wanted to share a blog post on borders with you. Jinny Beyer has always had an interesting take on borders and you might be be able to incorporate some points into your modern quilts.


TFQ told me about a color activity. Try it out. It tests your color acuity.

Check Sizzix’s Pic-a-Day post.

If you want fantastic soaps, check out my sister’s shop, Wooden Heart Soaps, on Etsy. If you see soaps in the shop, buy, because they are fantastic and made in limited quantities. She also has a Facebook shop where she posts tidbits of information.

I saw a post by My Creative Corner and took a look at her blog. I like her style of writing.

Now that Instagram is changing to a ‘relevant’ sort (a la Facebook) in the feed, are we all moving to Ello?

Patterns & Projects

Clue #3 has been posted by Charlotte of Scraptiude fame. This is for her latest mystery quilt Scrap in the Corner. Leave a comment if you are making this project with a link to your progress. I’d love to see how you are doing.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

4 thoughts on “Various & Sundry 2016 #5”

  1. Love these Various and Sundry posts. They are always full of interesting items I would have missed.

    I created a user in Ello, but can’t decide how much I really like it yet. I’m QuiltinJenny there too.

    I got an 11 on the color acuity test, which seems pretty good!

  2. Hi, Jaye!

    Thanks for linking up to my blog posts! Also, thanks for the Libs Elliott Instagram post. I couldn’t agree with her more! And that makes me want to thank you also for being so supportive of people in general. I appreciate the time you take to listen to my podcasts and leave comments. I’m going to do a better job of commenting here!

    Always love the Various & Sundry posts. I think I am a various & sundry girl. xofrances

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! I try to be supportive when people work hard at free content. I don’t always succeed, but at least I try. I can’t wait to see more of your comments. 😉

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