Digital Printing or …?

I am using some Windham digitally printed fabric for the exterior of my UCAB. I am finding it to be kind of delicate.

I bought pieces at two different stores, so I am pretty sure the problem lies with the printing process and not the storage at or the transportation of the fabric to the stores.

Holes left after ripping out
Holes left after ripping out

First, I found that the holes were very noticeable after I ripped out some stitching. Sometimes this happens, but they were still visible even after I rubbed the fabric down.

As usual, I did wash the fabric in hot water with Retayne before I used it.

Runs in the fabric
Runs in the fabric

I also noticed that this fabric gets runs – not color runs, but like runs in stockings – if I am not careful. This happens when fabric is ripped. In this case I don’t know (and don’t remember) how the fabric was separated from the bolt.

Windham Digitally printed fabric
Windham Digitally printed fabric

I needed some more of the fabric and when I got the second half yard I noticed some flaws.

I don’t know that much about the process of printing on fabric. I only have a few experiences with my printer and with buying from Spoonflower.

I don’t know if the experiences I am having are because it is digitally printed or because of this particular fabric or for some other reason.

I like the fabric and hope this was an anomaly.

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