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After posted the most recent 26 Projects post, one kind reader asked me what my favorite was. S/he kind of took me off guard. I like keep tracking of my finishes, but I don’t think about them much after I finish them. On reflection, that is kind of a weird response.

Pink Kaffe Quilt finished
Pink Kaffe Quilt finished

While I like all of my projects (or most of them) I didn’t have much trouble picking a favorite quilt.

I really like this Pink Kaffe quilt. I like the solids that I used (mostly AGF). I also like the flowers that I fussy cut. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly. I cut flowers that I like, including some that were non- Philip Jacobs, though very few.

I find that to be really strange because 1) it was a pattern rather than an original design; 2) none of the rooms in my house are pink; 3) I don’t really have a place to display it where the colors would fit in. This quilt really shows how I make quilts to please myself.

All the I Spy Pouches
All the I Spy Pouches

I find myself really liking bags lately. My workroom is still without its design walls, which makes it hard *for me* to work on quilts. As a result, I have been working on bags that are cut. You have seen my work on the Ultimate Carry All Bag recently. That is just one of a few that I am working on. I have to say, though that I really like the I Spy pouches I have made as well as the Retreat Pouches.

I haven’t made the large version yet, but I have the frames, so I can do it any time.

I’d love to hear what you think of my favorites.

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4 thoughts on “My Favorites”

  1. The Kaffe quilt certainly grabs one’s attention! It’s demanding in a good way. It says “Look at me!” and is happy and bright. I am not a pink person myself, but this quilt is quite pleasing to the eye. I am glad it is also filled with your personal choices and touches.

  2. I like your I Spy pouches. I believe they are from a Sew Sweetness pattern – right? do they have inside finished seams or are they raw edges that need to be finished with a zig zag?


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