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Soft & Stable roll
Soft & Stable roll

A local quilt shop is closing. Always bad news. Friend Julie contacted me to tell me that the shop had 60″ wide Soft & Stable for a discount. I had her buy5 yards for me. I didn’t realize, in physical space, how much that would be.

The roll is large – 60 inches tall LOL! Now it is sitting in different places around my workroom. I am going to need a supply closet, separate from the fabric closet if I am not careful. I bought a bolt of Pellon foam* recently and haven’t even cracked it open.

The wider foam is much easier to use. I can use less of the yardage, because I can take advantage of the width.

Foam and fabric ready to quilt
Foam and fabric ready to quilt

I took some quilts to Colleen the other day and included two lengths of foam and fabric ready to be quilted. One sticking point for me, especially with ByAnnie patterns is quilting the foam before I can even get started on the project. I really don’t like quilting and quilting the Tarts has cemented my resolve not to quilt any project soon.

Before I was even ready to make a date with Colleen, I asked her if she could quilt foam. She had never tried it on her machine. She was kind enough to get some Soft & Stable and quilt a sample. She told me she could and showed me the sample when I saw her. I told her I had opened up a whole new line of quilting for her!

One length (shown above) will be for a project with a drop-in lining, maybe the Sew Sweetness Chickadee backpack. the other length has a lining as well as an exterior and it will be for a ByAnnie bag. I have made most of the patterns I have except the Case in Point pattern. I am still searching for the perfect bag in which I can store my tools in for travel. I am also wondering if, I have a length of pre-quilted fabric, the process of working with a ByAnnie pattern will be easier and quicker.












*N.B. Pellon foam** is ok. It works just fine. It is a smidge less stiff than Soft & Stable. It is also only 20″ wide, so there is a lot of seaming pieces together for larger projects.








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  1. Hah, I was wondering where you were going to store that thing! My roll, which is just as long but not as wide is also bouncing around my workroom getting moved. I have to find a good corner for it to live in. Glad that Colleen can do the quilting on it for you, that’s awesome!

    1. Storage is a problem in my workroom. I need to clean out the fabric closet and get some Elfa shelves or something. That, however is a problem for another day. I hope to use it up relatively quickly, but also I want to keep it around so I don’t have to buy more.

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