June BAMQG Meeting Notes

I am just back from the meeting and it was a crazy meeting! Crazy in a good, packed and exciting sort of way. Julie of Intrepid Thread brought me a giant (did I really buy that much??) package of fabric. At this writing I haven’t opened it yet. I know the Vintage Modern is in there. I’ll have to get started on that second Stepping Stones quilt soon.

A-B-C Challenge Blocks

Quilt in Light & Dark
Quilt in Light & Dark
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone

These are my A-B-C Challenge blocks. Both blocks are from the Around the Block series. There was only one block that started with ‘Q’ in the whole series (that I could find). In EQ7, there isn’t really a way that I found to search successfully by the first letter of a block name. Later I went to Quilter’s Cache and the owner has several blocks there as well. None of them are 6″, though, so I would have had to resize one.

Rhonda's Blocks
Rhonda's Blocks

I like this block well enough, especially in the 6″ size, so it worked out. Kathleen did the same block in the 12″ size so you can see the difference. It would make a great exercise in negative space. I will think about making several to demonstrate negative space for the upcoming design series podcast on that topic.

I am having a very hard time with the Pure Elements Empire Yellow. I used it in the above ‘Q’ block as the background. Pat Bravo says that it goes with everything. I am not so sure. I am using it, because I have a limited number of fabrics to use and it does add an element of interest. Still, I am just not sure I would use it in another project.

Kathleen's Blocks
Kathleen's Blocks

I also brought my blocks for May, which I talked about in the last BAMQG post. There were only a few blocks this time – Leslie, Kathleen, Rhonda and I. Rhonda is catching up so she included her C & D blocks as well.

Leslie & my blocks
Leslie & my blocks

QuiltCon/BAMQG Block Challenge

Blocks for both challenges are due in July. There was just a brief mention at the meeting. I thought they were due in July (BAMQG) and August (QuiltCon). Something must have changed. I have a block or two for the BAMQG challenge done. I think I will just send in my QuiltCon blocks myself. We’ll see. Perhaps I’ll just do them and move on. If you are interested in participating the QuiltCon blocks have to arrive by August 15, 2012. See the QuiltCon Directions/information to get all the info.


I was excited to hear that BAMQG’s first workshop ever is coming up!!! It is a dyeing workshop with Joy-Lily. As you know, I don’t dye, but if you want to participate, check out the BAMQG blog for contact info. Space is limited.

QuiltMarket Report

Adrianne & Julie
Adrianne & Julie

Julie and Adrianne spent 3 bliss-filled days at Quilt Market in Kansas City. They brought back stories, catalogs, fabric to fondle (not for us to buy or take!) and their enthusiasm. Someone asked if they ate BBQ and they said they did.

I didn’t have much of a chance to look at the stuff they brought back, but what I did see what interesting. Not sure what I’ll buy in terms of new fabrics, but we will see.

They talked a little about what was coming and what they saw:


  • nautical themes
  • butterflies
  • magazines: GenQ’s new issue came out in a small format (think Ellery Queen Mystery magazine size), because they said they had printing problems. The content reflects what has been showing up on their Facebook page. Amy and David Butler are coming out with a new magazine called Blossom, which will pull in many of their creative friends and include non-quilt related artwork.


  • Michael Miller has new fabric laminated on the inside. I can’t quite picture this, but Julie said it would be good for diaper covers and shopping bags.
  • Amy Butler’s new Cameo line looked amazing to Adrianne and Julie
  • FreeSpirit’s new lines have a very sophisticated look
  • Robert Kaufman had adjunct color cards which have their new colors
  • Moda has Brigitte’s ZenChic


Today’s demo is the beginning of a 4 part series loosely around the idea of making a quilt. The series includes:

  • Design (June 2012 meeting)
  • Piecing (August 2012 meeting)
  • Quilting (September 2012 meeting)
  • Binding (November 2012 meeting)

I gave a short demo on design. You can see the Design Overview from when Sandy and I did our podcast, but I will post some new notes with some changes on the BAMQG blog soon.


“A Stud & a Dud” went forth with much hilarity.  I did not participate. I didn’t know that there would be stealing going on and I don’t really like activities where that happens. The reality was that I just didn’t have time to organize myself and get some books together. There was choosing and swapping and stealing that all went on. I think the library where we meet benefited from some donations as well. Thanks to Amanda for organizing the swap. She is really a creative swap organizer.

Show & Tell

Sheetal's quilt
Sheetal's quilt

As usual, Show & Tell was great. There is so much good work happening in this area!

Right is Sheetal’s quilt. I encouraged her to finish out the pluses into the border. I think this is a great pattern for large prints. The question was about the fabrics. They are flannel and she hasn’t washed them. She wasn’t sure if she could get more of the same fabrics again (they are old Anna Maria Horner fabrics), but she liked the idea of continuing the motifs out to the border and will try.

We talked about another quilt of hers that she made from old shirts. I really liked it as it was and she did, too, but her husband complained that it wasn’t large enough. I think we decided that not all of her quilts had to keep his 6’4″ frame warm and toasty.

Jennifer's quilt
Jennifer's quilt

Jennifer made this quilt (left) with 10 fat quarters.  It isn’t very large (large lap or nap quilt, definitely bigger than a baby quilt), but it isn’t tiny either. It makes me think of how much fabric is really in a fat quarter, a half yard, a yard and…. I don’t think I want to go there.

Jennifer’s quilt is really effective. I like the movement, which I think is partly the fabric choices. There is something about the pieces interlocking with each other that I think would be fun to play with.

Jennifer does so much for the Charity project that I was really glad to see that she is able to do her own work as well.

Kathleen's Improvisational Challenge
Kathleen's Improvisational Challenge

Kathleen’s Liberated top is somewhat of a departure for her. She said it was the first piece in this style that she has made.

It is wall sized. She explained the exercise (online) and it sounded like a lot of fun, but also lot of frustration, too. She didn’t know what was coming, so it was hard to make design decisions about the part on which she was working. I think it sounds like a good exercise, but you have to be willing to go back and change elements that would make the design better. It sounds like she is going to do that for a couple of the parts and I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

Woven Quilt
Woven Quilt

I didn’t make a note of who made this quilt (so sorry!), but I really like the design. I can imagine it with fabrics placed a little differently so it would look even more woven than it already does.

I definitely get the feeling that I am looking through some kind of lattice or bamboo screen.

Notice the equilateral triangles? I love those, as you know. 😉

Door Prizes

WOW! There were a ton of door prizes! I won a book, but there were charm packs, fabric, patterns – all kinds of things. Thanks to Angela for her hard work.

Charity Quilts

Jennifer was there with her well prepared table of packets and prepared fabric. There were at least 5 tops and one finished quilt handed in. The guild members are amazingly generous with their time, materials and enthusiasm. These quilts will be filled with good energy when the children receive them.

Amanda's Charity Top
Amanda's Charity Top

Amanda made the top with the circles. It is fabulous. One of the things I like about it is the 4 rows of squares in the middle. There are a lot of possibilities using that element. My mind is swirling around that element.


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