More Fun with Skirts

Skirt Patterns, annotated
Skirt Patterns, annotated

You might remember I had high hopes of making a skirt. This past weekend was the weekend, because TFQ was here to walk me through the process. On Saturday, we pulled out the patterns, the fabric and got busy.

We cut out the pattern pieces, measured my waist (UGH!!) and TFQ read the directions for the Butterick pattern. We chatted, she read and then she told me that we needed 60″ wide fabric not the 45″ wide fabric I had. I flew upstairs to get the other yard I had, but it still wasn’t enough.

She reminded me that I had bought two skirt patterns, so I ran upstairs (our plan was to cut on the dining room table) and got the other pattern. Again, we chatted, she read and then she told me that I had bought the wrong size. Bleah.

Our options were to go get 60″ wide fabric, get a different sized pattern or bail. I had had enough of skirts for one day, so I bailed.

I had hoped to have a new skirt this week, but, alas, that was not to be. Don’t worry, I am not completely demoralized and I am not giving up. I’ll go get some 60″ wide fabric and the other pattern in a different size and we will try again.

Lessons learned:

  1. Measure before buying pattern
  2. Learn where the pattern tells the maker what size fabric to buy.

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5 thoughts on “More Fun with Skirts”

  1. Oh yeah, that measuring thing is the pits! It’s surprising how much fabric it takes to make something for a normal sized adult. I’d like to try a little garment sewing but just can’t get it together to take my measurements. Maybe I don’t want to know. Right now, I’m trying to alter a few things. I’ve actually lost a good bit of weight and everything is too big. There’s a switch!

  2. I’m glad you’re not giving up on making a skirt. I find it is really fun and satisfying to wear one that you’ve made for yourself. But yeah, reading those pattern packages is always a challenge.

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