Russian Rubix Blocks

Two New Blocks
Two New Blocks

In a effort to stay the chaos, I used some of the parts and pieces of the Russian Rubix as leaders and enders in between the Scrapitude project pieces.

The blocks pictured are still in 4 pieces each. I am not quite ready to sew them together. I want to contemplate the combinations of the colors for a while longer. There is a lot of blue in the left and a lot of orange in the right configuration. On one hand, one skews cool and one skews warm. On the other hand there is a lot of repetition. I haven’t changed them because I will use a lot of blocks in the quilt and I am still deciding whether, in the end, anyone will notice or care. I am also thinking about whether or not having some cool and some warm will benefit the look of the project.

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  1. I like having the cool and warm together, they balance out well, and overall improve the look of a scrappy type quilt. This is a very nice block, it will be a great looking quilt.

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