Gift Post #6: Mode One Hour Baskets

We had the BAMQG meeting yesterday. As is our habit, people made bags and others brought gifts with which to fill them for the officers as a thank you for their hard work. It was a great success.

One Hour Basket #1
One Hour Basket #1

I, however, could not get the Charity Girls out of my mind. Michelle and Peggy have done such an excellent job of shepherding the Charity project along that I felt some thank you was in order. I tried not to do it, but I ended up making two One Hour Baskets, one for each. They were quick and look nice and I think Peggy liked hers. I still have to give Michelle hers as she couldn’t make it to the meeting, but I may see her next week.

I wrote a lot last year about the awesomeness of the Charity Program. You can also check out the BAMQG blog to see more about the Charity Program.

As before, I put the handles on the sides to make them more useful (IMO). This time I used fusible fleece, (Last time I used Soft & Stable) as the pattern calls for. I think I would put the fusible fleece on both the lining and the exterior, if I used it again. I think Soft & Stable is a better choice for more rigid baskets. Also, I didn’t use ShapeFlex this time and I would go back to using it next time as I like my baskets more stiff.

One Hour Basket #2
One Hour Basket #2

The pattern for the One Hour Baskets is on Craftsy. It was designed by Hearts and Bees. She blogs at KelbySews. I noticed that the “advertising” photos show the baskets filled with fat quarters.

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