Gift Post #5: STB #2

Purple Chair Sew Together Bag - closed
Purple Chair Sew Together Bag – closed

I had plans all along to make a second Sew Together Bag and after I finished the first one, I was even more determined. I started it on the Sunday after Christmas (December 27, 2015) and finished the first 4 steps that day. I left the finishing steps to the next day, so that I could try and do my best work.

I had trouble with the sizes of the pieces again, so many of the pieces were too big. Better to big than too small, I suppose, but it is still annoying when the pieces don’t line up.

I am also not that happy with the topstitching, but since the colors matched better than the first one, they aren’t as visible.

Purple Chair Sew Together Bag - open
Purple Chair Sew Together Bag – open

One of the things I like about the Quilt Barn Tutorial is the fabrics that they chose. The fabric for each section is different. I thought having different fabrics in each section would provide a good visual cue for the person using it, e.g. “my EPP papers are in the dot section,” etc. that is why I used, mostly, different fabrics in each section. I wanted this STB to go with the other items I made for Julie last year, so the internal zippered sections do have some of the Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets fabrics on the inside.

I don’t have many light colored purple fabrics except for dots. Julie isn’t as much of a dot fiend as I am, but I think she liked the fabric choices.

Purple Chair Sew Together Bag - zipper tabs
Purple Chair Sew Together Bag – zipper tabs

Finally, I was particularly proud of the zipper tabs at the end. I thought they looked really good.

Julie said she thought it would be useful. I know she doesn’t do a lot of handwork, but it is a large-ish bag and can hold her things for the retreat later this month.

I am pleased when people like the gifts I give them, but I usually make a gift because I want to make it.

I am still on the fence about STB #3 as I am not sure the potential giftee will like it and these bags are a lot of work. I am going to cut out mine at the BAMQG meeting today, so I will be making that one soon. I hope to get it finished so I can use it for my EPP materials during the next NSGW trip in a few weeks.

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  1. It is a lovely bag, and very well made. I adore the fabric choices too by the way. I’m going to load it up with hand-sewing stuff, I think it’s big enough to hold a small project. Oh no, will this be what starts me down the EPP road….

    1. Sorry, the third one is another gift and the fourth one is mine. I’ll keep your suggestion under advisement. I am tempted, but it wouldn’t be good for you!

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