La Pass Spikes in Month 16

La Pass: Cutting spikes
La Pass: Cutting spikes

I am really pleased that Lindsay is doing this project with me. She inspires me and I learn a lot from her knowledge.

She showed me her spike motifs a few months ago. As soon as I saw what she had done, I wanted to try it. This month is the month!

Basically, the design requires combining the fabrics in different ways to create a different look. I combined a pentagon and one of the long skinny triangles to make the largest piece. I used the dark blue Contempo fabric to really highlight the design.

La Pass: Month 16 start
La Pass: Month 16 start

I haven’t cut out all the pieces, but I had cut enough to start trying out my fabric choices and to see how the spikes would look. I also had to change a few of the fabrics. It’s ok, because I will use some of the new fabrics I chose for the last large rosette.

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