Moto Pouch in Process

Moto Pouch #1 in process
Moto Pouch #1 in process

I have a couple of nieces who have recently joined the family. I decided to make them each a pouch. I like to make some gifts “from Santa” for newbies in the family. It gives me an excuse to make more pouches and adds to their often anemic gift pile a little.

Eventually I decided on the Moto Pouch from Sew Sweetness. The Moto pouch is part of the Sew Sweetness Minikins Season 1. I cut the fabric for both pouches out at the same time, but I didn’t sew them at the same time, for some reason. Only one is in process at the moment. I’ll have more experience when I start the next one.

This pattern has a drop in lining, which people on the Sew Sweetness FB group don’t like as much.I am struggling a little as well.

The construction is similar to the Sidewinder pouches I made in 2020. The design itself is remarkably similar, though not exactly the same.

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