Small Projects

Happy Journal Cover
Happy Journal Cover

I was tired on Memorial Day and think I needed a break from the Corner Store. We were out late the night before watching the Bridge fireworks, so I got a late start. My head was spinning from the work I accomplished on the Corner Store, so I worked on some smaller projects.

I finished my current journal, so I needed a new journal cover. I really like having a journal cover on my journal now. Need and desire convinced me to make a new for the fresh journal. I wanted to use one of the Philip Jacobs fabrics, but I also wanted to add interest, so I did a bit of piecing.

Journal cover open
Journal cover open

The back is all Philip Jacob, which means I can look at it whenever I want. The bits of pink peeping on the front make me smile.

I sewed on a merit badge, fixed my pants and listened to a book. I also beefed up my supply of donation blocks. I think I am up to 6 of the pink one now.

I also worked on the next Swoon block. Stay tuned for more on the Swoon blocks.

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