Spiderweb Top Complete

Spiderweb Top
Spiderweb Top

I am really pleased to say that the Spiderweb top is finished. There are still a lot of things to do to get this finished into a quilt, but I am pleased, really pleased, that the top is finished.

The paper is still in most of the blocks. I had to pull out some of the paper as I sewed, but there is still a lot to pull out.

As usual, the piece looks a lot better sewn together. The sewing together brings the whole thing together. I am pleased with the overall look, though I still think the background is a bit dark. I can tell that my tastes have changed, because the new blocks are filled with much clearer fabrics, more pink, aqua, and chartreuse. I do wonder what this piece would look like with a lighter background, but am NOT making another.

Spiderweb Top
Spiderweb Top

I have enough fabric, I think to make a binding. I have been thinking about the binding and wonder if I should make a straight of grain binding rather than my usual bias binding. There are bits of the border on the bias, because of the kite shaped pieces.

Because I couldn’t match up all the bottoms of the webs, there are some that don’t match up. I am going to be ok with the differences.

Spiderweb detail
Spiderweb detail



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  1. Oh good! So do you need my address to send this to me for my Christmas gift…AFTER it is quilted that is. 😉

    I plan to sew a bunch today and again on Friday with Quilting for the Rest of us. I hope I do that anyway. 🙂

    You inspire me m’dear…you really do!

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