More Color Progress

Add in Dark Blue
Add in Dark Blue

I picked out more colors for the Russian Rubix last week.I’m nearly there.  I seem to be inspired to make progress all of a sudden. Perhaps my mind is freeing up from the rigors of other projects. I am not sure why that would be true since I seem to have three projects actively going all at once.

I can’t remember, offhand, where I bought that dark blue. It isn’t quite navy, but it definitely tends towards navy. It is darker and more primary than the other colors I have selected so far, but somehow I like it. I think it goes well with the selection of colors already in the pool.

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3 thoughts on “More Color Progress”

  1. I agree it is a good contrast and plays well with the colors you chose. Putting the colors together seems to take a lot of time, but we continue on and enjoy the process. Lol

    1. It is taking a lot of time – a lot more than I thought. Still, I am committed to the process and only have a few more colors/fabrics to go, so the end is in sight.

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