Gift Post #3: Percheron Pouch

Percheron Pouch for Kim
Percheron Pouch for Kim

The Percheron Pouch ended up very well. Despite my despair when I was finishing it, it turned out fine.

Although I am not a fan of brown and beige, I think the brown and beige handbag zippers work with the Paris fabric.

Percheron Pouch: bottom has OdiCoat
Percheron Pouch: bottom has OdiCoat

There is a little bit of turquoise in the fabric to liven up the bag. I fussy cut the top so that the Paris motif shows, which means that most of the turquoise is on the bottom.

I was also able to fussy cut -sort of- the Paris motif on the back panel. The back panel makes up the hinge assembly for this bag.

As you might remember, I put Odicoat on the bottom to help keep the bag clean. You can’t really tell that there is anything on the bottom.

I chose a dusty turquoise for the inside or lining fabric. The lining is a little baggy so I need to work on that on the next one. Without putting Odicoat on the inside I am not sure how I would use one of these. I’ll have to think about it since I may want to make another for myself.

I still plan to make another since I figured out why the thing was so hard to put together – and I want to get it right. This is an interesting bag and I think it makes a great gift.

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