Workroom Chaos


You know what this means, right? Yep, the 9000 was in the shop. Bleah.

Or so, I thought. It wasn’t really bad, though. I took the 9K to a place I used to take it to. The owner is a used car salesman kind of guy, but I wasn’t happy with the last service, so, at TFQ’s urging, I went back.

I took the machine in on a Friday and they called me SATURDAY to pick it up. I kid you not! I was amazed. The repair guy said that he had several similar machines to service, so he did them all at once. I went on Monday after work (2 hour round trip) to get it.

Closet Chaos
Closet Chaos

Houseguests arrived that very evening. You know what that means, right? No sewing. Yep.

No fabric pressing or fondling. Nothing.

I didn’t get to test the machine. I took everything down – iron, ironing board, cutting table and put it all in the closet. I am fortunate to have a husband who may not like it, but doesn’t complain about the way I have taken over the upstairs closet. I pinned the Corner Store pieces to the portable design wall and made the bed.

I didn’t get to test the machine until Friday. Yes, the following FRIDAY. Friday afternoon, as a matter of fact. I am glad I took it to the car salesman shop, though, because my sewing machine feels like her old self. The feet are actually holding the fabric to the bed of the machine. I had forgotten that it did that. The repair man said there was a belt problem.

I sewed like a demon on Sunday. Stay tuned for that report.

Author: Jaye

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4 thoughts on “Workroom Chaos”

  1. I just love starting my day with you…I, too, must dismantle and remove things from my studio when company comes to stay…

  2. You’ve not the only one who must put everything away when people visit. As I sew on my kitchen table, my sewing machine frequently sits on the floor when people are eating. Glad you had such a quick turnaround on service although you were unable to use it for a week. Service here is at least three weeks and my machine is woefully overdue because of that fact.

    1. The turnaround time was amazing and a total fluke, I can tell you. I have never had a machine serviced so well or so quickly. I was promised a week and I was fully expecting them to call and say it would take longer. Professionalism is lacking a bit in the sewing machine service industry. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.

      Because of the long service times, I bought the Jem. There is a lot I don’t like about it (no knee lift, no needle down), but I do like it for a lot of reasons as well: good stitch quality, it uses the feet for my big machine, it is very lightweight, wasn’t expensive, does GREAT buttonholes. I bought it after I was injured and could no longer carry my big machine to classes, but it has come in very handy when my 9K is in the shop.

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