More Donation Blocks

Pink Donation Blocks
Pink Donation Blocks

I am working steadily on the pink donation blocks. I have all 16 finished, though I just had 12 finished when I started writing this post.

I have the Corner Store on the portable design wall, so as soon as I finished the last donation block, I started to cut sashing. I haven’t cut all the sashing, but started to sew sashing onto donation blocks anyway in between sewing Corner Store blocks together.

I can’t see the blocks all together yet, because, as implied, both design walls are covered (could I, possibly, do fewer projects at once?) with other projects (A-B-C Challenge, Swoon, FOTY 2012, Corner Store).

Pink Donation Blocks
Pink Donation Blocks

I have about 6 blocks sashed and need to cut a bit more sashing.

In between sewing, I also cut some ~8″ pieces to make additional pink 2.5″ squares for a future donation quilt. I used the ~8″ pieces to cut 2.5″ squares using the Accuquilt. I have a big stack waiting for me to sort.

Donation blocks-Pink
Donation blocks-Pink

The blocks are all a bit different, but I used many of the same fabrics, as I did in the Blue Donation quilt.

I intended to make the top and back and give it in to the Charity girls at the BAMQG, but since my sewing machine seems so happy, I wonder if I could practice some free motion machine quilting on this piece? The last time I did free motion quilting, it was such a disaster that I might have developed a phobia. I have to see if I can do it…physically, too.

Fabrics from Mrs. K.
Fabrics from Mrs. K.

And there are more pink quilts to make as Mrs. K sent me more pink fabric. Just what I needed. πŸ˜‰

I am going to use the large piece on the left as backing. It is a very soft lawn, I think, and a bit thin, but I think it will be fine. Most of the fabrics Mrs. K sent were shards and strips. I washed them all and am preparing to cut them up into squares. A couple of the pieces, in addition to the lawn, are larger – FQ sized or so. Perhaps they will go on the back as well. We will see.

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7 thoughts on “More Donation Blocks”

  1. Yes, I think the soft fabric is lawn…I bought it when IRene was toddling, thinking I’d make a dress…Now she’s spending her last day in elementary school.

    I searched for more of that pink flower stuff. I can’t find but one piece of it. sent a package yesterday.

    I find these blocks so amazingly cheerful!

    1. Thanks in advance for the package! I washed all the fabric you sent last time and it is sitting in a big heap on my sewing chair. I just have no time lately. Perhaps you want to make Irene a bag out of that fabric?

      If you make some of these blocks, I will give them to the guild to make donation quilts. Just send them along.

    1. My review: buy one. They are awesome.

      I will do a review. I just haven’t had the time. Alternatively, you could just come down and I will give you a personal review. πŸ˜‰

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