Black Friday Sew-in Question #1

I will be posting a series of questions that will enable you to win prizes for the Black Friday Sew-in.  Some of the prizes will be awarded in a random drawing, but if I really like an answer, I might award that person a prize as well. My blog, my rules. If you object, don’t enter.

Question 1: What do you keep near your sewing machine or on your worktable to provide inspiration? Do you have a tableau? Do you have a shrine? Photos of your beloved?

Write it all out below. Optional bonus for posting a photo to Twitter or a link on Twitter to your blog where you post a photo.

Fair warning: You will not win or be entered in the drawing if you do not answer the question. If you say “please enter me in the drawing,” your manners do count for good karma. I thank you for saying please, but I will not enter you in the drawing. I want words, content and pictures!

11/23/2012 3:55 pm Update: Comments closed. Winner is Becky Greene!

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17 thoughts on “Black Friday Sew-in Question #1”

  1. I have pics of my kiddos right on my machine. I did this the first time before going to my inaugural quilting retreat and have updated the photos every year since.

  2. I keep a little snoopy statue that says “do what makes you happy” that my mom gave to me! I also have a pic of me and my dad before his heart attack, reminding me that life is short and you need to take time sometimes to do what you love! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  3. This made me really think about what I’m looking at. The window is behind me, so I can see out when I am cutting, but when I’m sewing I’m usually facing my (often messy) bedroom. Which I’m OBVIOUSLY not going to post a picture of. ;o)

    Perhaps I should reorient my sewing machine so there is something more inspiring in my line of sight.

  4. My sewing machine faces the window so that I can see the tree outside, although some of them are a bit bare now so the apt bldg next door is more visible. I have my design wall to the left with some WIPs that need more inspiration.

  5. My sewing machine is directly in front of a window, so my backyard is my tableau. We live in a woodland area of the Poconos, so interesting sights oftem pass by my window. Squirrels and rabbits are actually fairly rare, but deer and turkeys pass through many times a day – often in large numbers! The most notable sighting was a mother skunk and her three babies – I let them have the backyard all to themselves!!!

  6. Just tweeted my picture–my fabric is my inspiration! I get inspiration from a ton of places, but a lot of times I’ll just pull a piece of fabric off my shelf and see what it tells me it wants to be.

  7. I have my thread rack which the colors provide a crazy ampunt of inspiration for me! I also have my design wall nearby with several projects on there at a time to keep me going.

  8. My inspriration is my design wall next to my sewing machine. I put post-its with ideas that pop into my head so I don’t forget and pics I find in print or on the web that I want to try pinned up too. And my quilty calendar that keeps me on track. The other two walls I always have WIPs and something I’m working on presently. Just walking into this space makes me want to get to work.

  9. Oh, my! I hosted a challenge early this year, asking people to create a small word quilt that used a word that inspired them. Mine, believe it or not. was ALBONDIGAS!

    It means meatball in spanish. Ever since high school Spanish classes I have loved that word. It is such a happy word when you say it with gusto you just feel better! Al-bon-di-gas! (long O and short a)

    I just chuckle whenever my eyes fall upon it!

    glen: meatballs to you!

  10. I’m lucky to have a large window in front of my sewing machine. The gorgeous weather, green grass, trees, and a peek at the mountains beyond are definitely inspiring. I also like to move my fabrics around on their shelves to inspire me to use different combinations/colors.

  11. I do not have a dedicated sewing area as where I sew is also where we eat, do homework, read the paper, etc. My sewing machine and supplies go off the table when I am not sewing to allow all four of us to sit together. A pain, but there are no other options for me at this time. As for inspiration, blogs are what fuels my drive to create although a design wall would be a great addition for me.


    Never know if I am NO REPLY poster or not….. I do not have a REAL designated sewing area… just the kitchen/ dining room table so needless to say sewing machine gets put away a lot. I do have a TV and DVD / video player with in site and often just pop in on of my many quilting dvds for inspiration. WORKS for Me.


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