Black Friday Sew-in Giveaway Question #2

As I may have mentioned, I am posting questions throughout the day that will enable you to be eligible to win prizes during the Black Friday Sew-in.  Some of the prizes will be awarded in a random drawing, but if I really like an answer, I might award that person a prize as well. My blog, my rules. If you object, don’t enter.

Task 1 / Question #2: Make a gift bag. I have posted a link on my tutorial page for a few years that shows you how to make holiday gift bags. You do not have to make a Christmas gift bag (kind of silly, if you don’t celebrate Christmas!). You can make a bag to use for birthdays or general gift giving.

Reasons to make and use gift bags:

  1. Festive gift bags save time during gift giving times, because they are quick to use.
  2. Great use of all that festive fabric now that you have decided not to make a Christmas or ___fill in the holiday blank___ quilt.
  3. You are not using paper that will get ripped off and recycled in a month anyway.
  4. No tape.
  5. Easy to open and look in if the gift tag falls off.

Fair warning: You will can only win or be entered in the drawing if you make a gift bag and show a picture of it somewhere.

I have the following books to giveaway:
Master’s Art Quilts v.1 (see review)
Master’s Art Quilts v.2 (see review)
Art Quilt Portfolio (see review )
Quilt it with Love: The Project Linus Story
Shape Workshop for Quilters

+ 3 older charm packs

Thanks to Shannon at Lark Crafts and to Ray Hemachandra for sending along the books and being supportive of the Black Friday Sew-in.

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5 thoughts on “Black Friday Sew-in Giveaway Question #2”

  1. Sent you my pic on twitter. Thanks for the idea. We adopted a new dog 2 weeks ago, and it’s obvious why he’s a rescue. We didn’t have him home 10 minutes before he found a shallow spot under the fence and wriggled through. On Wednesday afternoon he got out again, but this time we couldn’t catch him. We searched for 2 hours before getting a phone call that a neighbor had found him wandering in the middle of the road and put him in their fenced yard with their own dog. I wanted to bring them a little thank you with some treats for their dog and a gift card to our local ice cream parlor for their teen daughter who actually found him. Gracie made a thank you note on the computer, and this bag makes the gift extra special!

  2. I went looking at the gift bag and lo and behold! saw the Journal Cover! YES! I made two of them. Maybe gift bags later………love the way you do the Journal Covers, it was like finding the missing piece of the puzzle for me!



    Never know if I am NO REPLY poster or not…..

    No pictures cause they are in with the Christmas decorations. I have made a series of fabric bags of all sizes every year for the past 10 to 15 years. All the adults get the fabric bags… the kids get paper cause …. 1/ their gifts are from Santa 2/ They love to rip the paper off in their excitement. When they are older they start getting the fabric wrapped gifts too; usually about age of 12 years. It becomes a badge of HONOR with the teens… they are no longer babies.

    The fabric bags are recirculated among the adults every year…. I put dates on them when I started making them. It is really funny for the guys to give a little gift in a BIG BAG. THEY think it is funny… the girls do not seem to mind too much because the SMALL gifts usually sparkle.


    1. No such thing as a no-reply poster on my blog. Either you put in your info or you can’t post a comment. Tricky, huh? Would love to see photos of your gift bags. Did you post about them previously?

  4. I have made gift bags in the past and will be making some to put the infinity scarves I am making for my nieces. This week I made little bags for my kids to keep their little iPods in so they don’t get lost so easily. Not sure that those count as gift bags though. 🙂
    Here are this week’s bags

    And the Christmas gift bag from 2 years ago:
    Thanks for the fun questions and giveaway!
    I made totes filled with School supplies for my kids’ teachers too, but I can’t find the post.

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