Black Friday Sew-in Question #4

I have posted questions throughout the day. This is the last question that will enable you to be eligible to win prizes during the Black Friday Sew-in.  Some of the prizes will be awarded in a random drawing, but if I really like an answer, I might award that person a prize as well. My blog, my rules. If you object, don’t enter.

Question #4: What type of NON-QUILTMAKING books provide inspiration for your work?

I really like art books and books of plates of botanical prints, drawings and paintings. I also like John Singer Sargent’s work, so books of his works also provide inspiration. Glossy, expensive fashion magazines can provide excellent sources of inspiration.

I have a series of reviews for Lark Books that may provide some inspiration that might help answer this question.

I have the following books to giveaway:
Master’s Art Quilts v.1 (see review)
Master’s Art Quilts v.2 (see review)
Art Quilt Portfolio (see review )
Quilt it with Love: The Project Linus Story
Shape Workshop for Quilters

+ 3 older charm packs

Thanks to Shannon at Lark Crafts and to Ray Hemachandra for sending along the books and being supportive of the Black Friday Sew-in.

Fair warning: You will not win or be entered in the drawing if you do not answer the question, though you do get good karma points for good manners. 😉

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14 thoughts on “Black Friday Sew-in Question #4”

  1. I think I would have to say that scrapbooking books give me the most inspiration. My quilt work is largely based on my scrap work from previous years. I really enjoy seeing paper pieced projects and using them for inspiration.


  2. Architecture books give me the most inspiration for how to design.
    Thank you for allowing me to answer your question, Goddess.


  3. I would say coloring books. They have great line are designs for applique and quilting patterns. I also love to play around with a big box of Crayolas. I’m inspired by the colors and love the smell of fresh crayons!

  4. I like novels that are about quilters, as opposed to quilt-making books. Hearing about people’s lives helps me to think about how quilts fit in my life and vice-versa.

  5. Novels with a creative character often inspire me to make more artistic quilts, even if the character is working in another medium. In the Jonathan Kellerman books, there is a recurring character who makes handmade musical instruments. I also loved Joshilyn Jackson’s book, The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, where one of the main characters is an art quilter.

  6. Photography (coffee table) books, and travel magazines mostly. I had to chuckle at Brenda F’s response because I used to do geometric design coloring books (Dover) in college as stress relief and my mom said, “It’s a short step from there to quilting, you know!” Little did I know….

  7. One of my favorites is a book called COLOR which detailed an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. The exhibit tied in perfectly with modern quilting’s focus on solids and this book serves as a reminder and impetus to explore color!

  8. My hubby was an art history major, so we have all kinds of random art books all over our house. I love to gram them randomly and just flip through. I can’t say that one particular book or work has jumped out at me and become the specific inspiration for a quilt, but just exposing myself to all sorts of various artwork and imagery gets my creative juices going – and I’m not a terribly creative person naturally, so I have to get it pumping somehow.

  9. Ok, this is officially NOT an entry for a book prize. I tried for at least a minute (or maybe three) to find mention of the flicker group where the projects are to be posted. Couldn’t find it and am just going to share my blog post here with what I did for the BFSI day. I loved this. I haven’t spent a whole day in my studio for years! LOL

    Thanks for being a part of it…you pushy thing you! 😀

    I have two quilts almost done and a smidgeon of thread to applique on that block in the photo. All in all, a VERY productive day!

  10. I get a lot of inspiration from childrens’ books. My daughter is 3 and we spend a lot of time reading together. The illustrations give me ideas all the time!

  11. My favorite non-quilting inspirational books would be the Japanese sewing magazine/books that I’ve collected. I love to page through them and look at the way they style the photos – the background details and all the hand-made items that decorate the homes. Thanks

  12. Please enter me in the drawing after I attempt to answer the question. I see “quilts” everywhere, but I think that I get a lot of inspiration from ads from various stores. Those are not books exactly, but they can be very graphic and fun. One just today, was from Target. It was coupons actually, just rectangles of color, that would be fun and fast.
    And also, not books, but movies too, especially older ones, are inspiring.. Thoroughly Modern Millie for example. Last night I noticed that most of the scenes in this movie are color coordinated. The Friendship Dance is Grey and Yellow (a fabulous combo and a personal favorite), The Jewish Wedding is Black and pink, mostly hot pink and there are some great fabrics and details in the clothes that would translate well to quilts. Our DVD player died right after that so I wasn’t able to note any more. Inspiration is all around!

  13. This may sound dorky, and they aren’t exactly books, but I’d have to say catalogs. Not necessarily quilting catalogs, but you can see all sorts of really cool things in catalogs – lots of colors and shapes and pictures and… You get the idea.

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