Black Friday Sew-in Question #3

I will be posting a series of questions that will enable you to win prizes for the Black Friday Sew-in.  Some of the prizes will be awarded in a random drawing, but if I really like an answer, I might award that person a prize as well. My blog, my rules. If you object, don’t enter.

Question 3: Why do you tweet or not tweet? Do you follow along on Tweetchat. Do you have a blog (put a link below so I can take a look) and like to focus there?

Write it all out below. Optional bonus for posting a photo to Twitter or a link on Twitter to your blog where you post a photo.

Fair warning: You will not win or be entered in the drawing if you do not answer the question. If you say “please enter me in the drawing,” your manners do count for good karma. Thank you for saying please, but I will not enter you in the drawing. I want words, content and pictures!

I have the following books to giveaway:
Master’s Art Quilts v.1 (see review)
Master’s Art Quilts v.2 (see review)
Art Quilt Portfolio (see review )
Quilt it with Love: The Project Linus Story
Shape Workshop for Quilters

+ 3 older charm packs

Thanks to Shannon at Lark Crafts and to Ray Hemachandra for sending along the books and being supportive of the Black Friday Sew-in.

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16 thoughts on “Black Friday Sew-in Question #3”

  1. I tweet because its fun and I like to connect with others out there. I like to share what I’m working on along with food I have made. I don’t tweet when I am sad. I don’t usually follow along on tweet chat as it seems more fun just to read through on my twitter feed. I infrequently blog at but you already know that. 🙂 Love your fair warning words – you would make a good teacher as you are telling us exactly what you want.

  2. I started my twitter account to participate in the Boxing Day Sew In for last year. I don’t tend to tweet very much because I feel that it takes me away from the many other things I should be doing. I’m the same about blogs. I subscribe to a few, but skim more than read. I love podcasts and audio books because I can listen while doing other things. Thank you to every podcaster out there for making my tasks more enjoyable with their company!

  3. I started tweeting because I was bored with blogging (back when I was a mommyblogger, before I became a quilting podcaster). It helped me get my funny out in the world without the drudgery of typing more than 140 characters. Now I find it helps with quick questions and inspiration, and I like the community building aspect.

  4. Tweeting fits in with my life. I spend so much time waiting – in the carpool line, at sports practices, etc. – that it is easier to skim twitter when I have a few free minutes than it is to keep up with all the blogs I love.

    I also find that it feels less like reading and more like a conversation, a two way street. I feel that I have gotten to “know” the tweeters better than the bloggers or even the podcasters.

    My blog is at , although I’ve been a slacker about posting lately.

  5. I tweet because I follow mostly quilters or sewists with the same interests as me and in my “real life” really have nobody that understands the passion I have for creating something out of nothing.
    It’s nice to have contact with people who “get me”

  6. I tweet because it’s the easiest way to be active on social Media I really cannot share about my work since insurance claims are confidential matters, and work has always been such a large part of my life, so I did not feel like I could share anything on a blog. Now, I am thinking about one for quilting.

  7. I tweet for many reasons. I began by tweeting just as entries to goveaways, but quickly became involved with the creative process of many talented quilters. I now participate in the #talknt chat on each Tuesday night – it has inspired me and taught me so much! I now enjoy Twitter as a link to many online friends.

  8. I do, indeed, Tweet, and it’s the interactivity of it that I dig the most. Blogs are great (and I have one, and try to blog regularly at http://www.sweetdreamsbysarah), but tweeting is much more conversational. I’ve used Tweetchat a few times, but mostly just follow along on my usual feed… 🙂


    Never know if I am NO REPLY poster or not…..

    I am a tweeter ….. I am a blogger … I am a pod-caster (links below)
    You and Sandy got me into GOOD READS

    In the last 6 months I have been going on the INTERNET less and less. My grandson and his activities eat up a lot of my time. Driving him here there and everywhere takes up more of my time. He also has discovered computer games so he uses my desktop or laptop whenever he can…. That leaves me less time to get on line. So I blog and podcast less and less. I also started a new rule for myself… NO INTERNET UNLESS YOU HAVE DONE SOME QUILTING. I figure that is a fair rule since I blog and podcast about quilting… no one would be interested in the other things I do since sleeping, eating and working are not exciting topics. Enjoying BFSI on twitter but I will not be doing any sewing til tomorrow.

    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams – Blog
    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams- Podcast

  10. I tweet because I don’t blog, and it gives me a way to share project pictures. I don’t tweet a lot, just occasionally. I do follow the conversations on Tweetchat, but I’m not sure it works really well for me. Not sure I get all the tweets..

  11. I don’t tweet. I feel like I should. I have an account. But I just don’t really understand how or why it works. I don’t Facebook either. I tried. I really did. I just don’t get it. I’m only 34 years old. I feel like I should be involved. But I’m not. Oh well!

  12. Thanks for this fun set of prizes!

    Why do you tweet or not tweet? I do not tweet. I barely update my Facebook status. I just don’t think I have that many interesting things to say via Twitter or Facebook!

    Do you follow along on Tweetchat. Sorry, I do not. I don’t even know what Tweetchat is. Such a dinosaur I am!

    Do you have a blog (put a link below so I can take a look) and like to focus there? I don’t have a blog, but I do post pictures of my finished quilts and other projects on Facebook. I like to be able to show my family what I’m working on, especially my Mom.

  13. I do tweet. I started tweeting mostly to participate in all the quilting tweetie fun!

    And, if I’m not mistaken, you are already aware of my blog at htpp://!

  14. Please enter me in the drawing! 😉 I don’t tweet because I feel like I already have too much to keep track of online. I have several blogs, and there is Facebook and Pinterest, and it is very easy for me to suck up an entire afternoon just trying to keep up with all the blogs I follow! Plus it is one more thing putting my personal info out into cyberworld.
    There are days like today, though, that I am sorely tempted to jump in. You all seem to have such fun chatting!

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